About Me

Oleksandr Sukholeyster

Technology Consultant @ SoftServe Inc.

twitter: @sukholeyster


Age: almost 31

Place of born: Berezne, North-West Ukraine

Education: L’viv Polytechnic University,  Computer Engineering, M. SC with honor

Works in IT: 10+ years


  • Enterprise Architecture
  • BPM, BPMS, Process Automation
  • EAI and SOA
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Software Architecture and Design
  • High Performance and Scalability
  • Security
  • Information management
  • Big Data


Wife: Nataliia

When this happened: 2008

Kids: Daughter Dorothy

What did you want to be when you grew up: Wanted to be scientist working on stuff like LHC or at least managing some intergalactic space mission

Favorite hobby: Photography, Cooking

Favorite music: Nautilus, Apocalyptica, Mozart

Favorite drink: Cappuccino, Merlo

Favorite food: Varenyky, a lot of Italian and truffle candies …

Sunrise or sunset: Yes, see them once a week, both perfect for photos

Summer or winter: We all like vacation times, beer and beaches

Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla if we talk about ice-cream


“Attractive things work better.”          “To be successful one must truly love what he or she is doing.”

“Everything can be studied, but study takes time. Find what you do the best and do it.”