IRMUK EA and BPM Conference Highlights (London 2012)

I’ve just returned from IRM UK Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Management conference in London. There are 3 full days loaded with insights, good practices, advises and collaboration. Some highlights I would like to share here. Read the rest of this entry »

Beyond Excel Era

Excel Era continues. For many organizations (or at least part of their processes) Excel Era will never end. Not because these organizations are ignoring  technological revolution but due to nature of processes. Excel is excellent tool for extremely flexible businesses functions. In finance, Excel will be often-used tool for long time. It is always faster to type dozen of formulas into Excel, then go through request-develop-build-test-deploy process. Automation is important and effective for processes which could be formalized, business rules management (BRM) is emerging to address agility in changes, but there always will be calculation documents somewhere. Read the rest of this entry »