IBM Impact 2012 – Day 2

This year I visit one of most promised enterprise IT conferences in Las Vegas – IBM Impact. There are my impressions and take-aways from world-wide IT industry hardware, software and IT consulting monster – IBM.

Day 2 impressed by MasterCard keynote, 130 msec average transaction time and other big numbers. Also cool video from MC about future of retail payments. Healthcare moving to mobility, as we all already know. Again, for BPM, Phil Gilbert performed excellent demo of new IBPM v8, and mentioned 700 people in R&D for IBPM and BPM as future for next 30-40 years (I guess, 20, then something new). What is good – that IBM takes care about UX and new UI looks much better. No long trees – instead stream, timeline and search. No awkward tables – instead lists and inline completion. Mobile App for generic purpose BPM and REST API for the rest (when you need custom UI and mobile features).

I took hands-on lab session for BPM and was surprised – it seem to be well designed. Simulation and debugging capabilities – what I miss a lot with Oracle.

Discovered that a lot of stuff is already published in redbook From Project to Program with IBM Business Process Manager. And a lot of presenters even used images from the book as slides. There is also 4-hours trial sandbox access for exercising.

Human interface development in IBPM reminded me lectures about ASP.NET, MVC and other stuff… Data objects, data binding, events, methods, variables – everything this remains, but with process orientation and enterprise scale. Good abstraction and multiple views to same model could really allow IT and business communicate via BPMN models.

BPM dream team – BPM Solution Architect, BA and developers (plus part-time PM and admin). Analytic role is lowered, and  good BPM software is produced in pairs of BA+DEV, facilitated by Solution Architect. Regarding if same people who do traditional software could do BPM project – they need to be business focused. Techie (deep technology geek), loner (works alone) or “yes man” are bad candidates for dream team (though could do further routine work).

There are 2.5 more days. Stay tuned.

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