Common Sense Task Flows

In this small post I will depict typical behavior worker model.

Let ignore BPM, BPMS and other technology related stuff and focus on how people work. We have some typical tasks to do that fall into task pool (what to do). Worker get task (probably based on some priority decisions) and takes it. Taks may be already assigned to this person or person gets task from group pool (e.g. our team perform client loan history verifications, and tasks are assigned to us based on branches geographics, and for the rest we take clients from pool).

The key items that worker need in order to perform the job are:

1. Context. What data was gathered prior to this task? What additional information is useful for my decision making?

2. Instructions. How should I perform this task (isntructions may be already known for this type of activity)

3. Data. What data need to be gathered by me and passed by along with task completion (how do I report task results)

The typical task flow look for me in following way:

This diagram is adopted to workers that work together with computer software to get things done.

In next posts I will be trying to understand how the common sense model is implemented in modern BPMS systems (Intalio, IBM Process Server, Oracle BPM Suite and others).

2 Comments on “Common Sense Task Flows”

  1. aojajena says:

    Add post about Excel on enterprises! Many tasks are done with Excel.

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